Fractured – REMIXED AND REMASTERED – Digital Download


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Product Description

1. Dead Weight
2. Empty Space
3. My Half
4. Down Below
5. Ladder
6. Fragile
7. Maniac Express
8. Fractured Personality
9. Twisted
10. Blood Fills The Skies
11. Breakdown

JUICE – Fractured…The much unknown 2nd album from JUICE. Only really discovered by the most dedicated fans, as the band had broken up by the time of the release in 1995. Bass player and good friend Ben Rosen had then joined the band and played on the album. Discovered in the archives of the master tapes were unheard far superior mixes than the ones released in 1995. Now hear FRACTURED as it was meant to be heard like a brand new album REMIXED and REMASTERED for you to enjoy…


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